Black Box - 450 g

Liquorice with Lime - Liquorice with Sea Buchthorn - Liquorice with Salt Liquorice


‘Black Box’ is a collection of gummies for all our liquorice lovers.  

Liquorice exists in several variations. We use a black, soft raw liquorice with a dark, intense flavour and a slightly bitter touch.


Liquorice with Lime

The exotic and acidic flavour from the lime followed by the dark depth of the liquorice brings out a distinguished and almost exploding taste.


Liquorice with Sea Buckthorn

The sweet notes from the liquorice is perfectly accompanied with the slightly sour berry of the Sea Buckthorn. This magnificent combination has already become a widespread favourite among our liquorice lovers.


Liquorice with salt liquorice

Liquorice with more liquorice - the salty notes contributes to an enhanced liquorice experience in bringing out the slight bitterness of the raw liquorice.


177,00 kr