An unique sweet and acidic flavour-140 g

In collaboration with one of Denmarks most skilled chefs, Jakob Mielcke, we have developed a new winegum in our Signature™-line. Signature™ is a unique taste experince co-created with the best chefs with the purpose to provide you with the best taste you can imagine. All profit from Signature™ sale will go directly to charity. The taste in question is liquorice with woodruff, and the charity organisation we donate to is Red Cross. 

Woodruff is a wintergreen multi-year herb that grows wildly in the danish forests. The green parts of the plant contains kumarin. Kumarin has a delicate scent of fresh hay. If the herb is used correctly a lightly sweet yet bitter and flowery taste comes across. Woodruff is by Jakob Mielcke a used in desserts at his well renowned Copenhagen restaurant Mielcke & Hurtigkarl at the heart of Frederiksberg.

Jakob has chosen our winegum-project to be part of Club 10 at Red Cross.

Club 10: Every year Red Cross points out 10 famous entrepreneurial personalities from culture and business to collect funding for Red Cross, so that the great work provided by this association can continue to help people in need domestically as well as abroad.


Charity cause is Red Cross:

Billedresultat for røde kors






Liquorice with woodruff. Ingredients: Glocose-fructose syrup, sugar, water, corn starch, liquorice, ammoniumchlorid, salt, coconut oil, woodruff powder, acid (citric acid), glazing agent (carnauba wax). 

Nutrition information pr. 100 g
Energy - 1418 kJ / 334 kcal 
Fat - 0,2 g 
   Hence saturated fat - 0,2 g 
Carbohydrate - 83 g 
   Hence sugar - 43 g 
Protein - 0 g 
Salt - 0,08 g



63,00 kr